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9.30.15: The Internet's Last Refuge & Age Is A Mindset


In the early days of the internet, millions flocked to chat rooms to connect with like minds – and bodies -- the world over. But the group chat was soon replaced by Facebook and Twitter…or was it? On today’s show, the group chat makes a comeback. Then, western history is dominated by stories of great men and women, but we rarely hear about those who helped them along the way. We’ll unearth history’s secret sidekicks: from the man who encouraged Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. to embrace pacifism, to Julia Warhol, who set her son Andy on a path to the art world.

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The Internet's Last Refuge

Tech and culture writer Kyle Chayka, wrote an article for Gizmodo defending chat and joined us to discuss his own experience with chat and why he thinks it's "The Only Truly Intimate Online Experience Left."

The Internet's Last Refuge

Age is a Mindset

Bruce Grierson is a social science writer whose work has appeared in Popular Science, Psychology Today, and The Guardian. We found his article: “What If Age Is Nothing but A Mindset?” In the New York Times Magazine. Bruce is also the author of: What Makes Olga Run? The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer Happier Lives

Age is a Mindset

Staying on the Road

New Hampshire has one of the oldest populations in the country, second only to Maine where the median age is forty-three and a half. And as Maine’s population continues to age, so do its drivers. Leslie Chang brings us this story about keeping senior drivers safe, and what they have to say about staying behind the wheel.

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