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8.11.14: The New Retirement, Mars Curiosity & Ramadan's Retail Potential

Alan Levine via flickr Creative Commons

Last week, the Federal Reserve released a startling statistic: one in five people nearing retirement age have no money saved for it. On today’s show we pose the question: have we reached the end of retirement? Also, with almost 8 million Americans over 65 still working – a rising number of older Americans are hitting the road to chase low-wage jobs across the country.  We’ll also talk to a reporter who looked for the retail connection to a holiday that is growing in popularity here in the US: Ramadan.

Listen to the full show and Read more for individual segments.

Retirement Roundtable

  • Virginia Prescott talks about retirement with Intern and 'Young Invincible' Molly Donahue, Producer and 'late-Millenial' Taylor Quimby and Senior Producer Maureen McMurray who represents 'Gen-Y'.
Retirement Roundtable with the Word of Mouth team.

The New Retirement

  • There's a rising trend of older Americans hitting the road in search of low-wage jobs across the county, instead of retiring like their parents did. Jessica Bruder wrote about what happens when you can't afford to stop working for Harper's, "The End of Retirement."
The New Retirement

Making New Dolls From Old Ones

  • One woman's post-retirement hobby becomes and obsession: making dolls from trash. Producer Rob Feinberg has the story.

Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission

Inside Mars Curiosity's mission

Remembering Ron McNair

  • In 1984, Ron McNair became the second African-American to go into space. In this episode of StoryCorps, Ron's older brother Carl talks about the special brand of courage it took to get him there.

Ramadan Specials

  • Most shoppers are used to the mad rush that leads up to certain holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter come to mind. But what about Ramadan? We spoke with Tanya Basu about her article in The Atlantic, "Why Are There So Few Ramadan Marketing Campaigns?"
Ramadan's potential for growth in the retail sector.

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