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7.24.14: Paperless Societies, The Impact Of Transfer Stations, And Emeralds Included

siftnz via Flickr CC

Has the digital age made things like handwritten letters and rotary phones obsolete? Today, we look at our possible transition towards a paperless society. Then, what treasure lays buried at your local transfer station? And how can that change your relationship with your neighbors? Plus, we speak with New Hampshire author Betsy Woodman about her new novel Emeralds Included.  

Listen to the full show and Read more for individual segments.

Paperless Societies

While the proliferation of e-books, e-mail, and online newspapers appear to be hastening the death of the printed page, Nicholas Basbanesargues that we are far from becoming a paperless society. He is an impassioned bibliophile and author of On Paper: The Everything of its Two-Thousand-Year History.

Paperless Societies

Lives, Intertwined

Back in the spring we explored New Hampshire’s many town transfer stations with writer Mike Morin, and discovered that these spaces aren’t just a place to deposit trash, but to connect with the community. And the draw of the dump reaches even further…bringing the relationship of two neighbors to a whole new level. Reporter Todd Bookman brought us the story. 

Lives, Intertwined

Emeralds Included

Jana Bibi is the creation of New Hampshire author Betsy Woodman, who spent part of her childhood in India. The third and final Jana Bibi adventure novel is called Emeralds Included. Betsy will be reading from the book at Gibson’s Bookstorein Concord tonight, July 24, and on Saturday, July 26, she’ll be at Toadstool Books in Keene.

Emeralds Included

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