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7.14.14: TV Research And Delusions And An Undergarment Confession

dailyinvention via Flickr Creative Commons

Underwear, television and delusion. No, not a David Sedaris essay. These are some of the topics we are exploring on today’s Word of Mouth. Join us for an interview with psychiatrist Joe Gold about increasing prevalence of “Truman Show Delusions,” wherein people believe their life to be an elaborate reality show. Then, we talk to NY Times TV critic, Neil Gezlinger, about why television might not be the brain melting fluff we have been taught to think. Plus, producer Taylor Quimby makes a startling confession about his undergarments. Also, birds are in our trees, on the beach and constantly in sight during the summer months, so we bring you two stories featuring these graceful creatures. 

Listen to the full show and Read more for individual segments.

Suspicious Minds

Reality TV seems to be everywhere since the new millenium. Fortunately, it is a spectacle that most of us do not directly experience. Psychiatrist Joe Gold talks to Virginia about the patients he has encountered with what he calls the "Truman Show Delusion," in which they see themselves as the protagnists of an elaborate reality show. 

An interview with psychiatrist Joe Gold

Why You Should Ignore TV Research   

TV critic Neil Genzlinger discusses why he has decided to ignore TV research and why you should too. For someone who watches five hours of TV a day, he has some authority. Listen to the interview below and read his article in the New York Times here

Why you should ignore television research: interview with Neil Genzlinger

Confessions of a Boys' Underwear Wearer 

Whether it is making soap balls or using vinegar for more than just cooking, plenty of us do strange things to save money. Word of Mouth producer Taylor Quimby fills us in on his unique cost-cutting strategy. 

Producer Taylor Quimby makes an undergarment confession

Summer Birdwatching in New Hampshire 

Birds of all kinds are on our minds during New Hampshire summers. But what exactly should you be looking for? Protection specialist Eric Masterson tells us about some of the more exciting birds of summer. 

New Hampshire birdwatching

Backyard Birds

Having a bird feeder maybe more complicated than you previously thought. Phil Kyle is the senior naturalist at the Thornton Burgess Greenbriar Nature Center in Sandwich, MA. He takes us through is  morning bird feeding routine. This piece was produced by Sarah Reynolds. 

Birdfeeding with Phil Kyle

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