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Word of Mouth

6.04.14: The Hygiene Behind Bacteria-Rich Body Sprays, And The Thing In The Spring Hits N.H.

Mike Saechang via Flickr Creative Commons

From hand sanitizers to anti-bacterial soaps, we go to great lengths to keep our skin microbe-free, but is all that scrubbing necessary, or even healthy? Today a look at a new approach to cleanliness: bacteria-rich body sprays. Then, The Thing In The Spring is fast approaching, and we’ll speak with the founder and creative director of the festival about some of the acts hitting the stage in Peterborough. Plus, the film “Snowpiercer” stars two Academy Award winners and is opening the Los Angeles film festival this month. So why is it unlikely to come to a theatre near you?

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Protecting Your Microbiome

Journalist and radio producer Julia Scott played guinea pig by testing a new product, AOBiome’s “Refreshing Cosmetic Mist”. She wrote about the experience for the New York Times Magazine.

Protecting Your Microbiome

Thing In The Spring

We speak with founder and creative director Eric Gagne about The Thing In The Spring, the music and arts festival happening in Peterborough, New Hampshire June 5-8.

The Thing In The Spring

"Not Usual"

Short story writer David Chevalier recently earned a top three spot in The New Hampshire Writers Project’s state-wide flash-fiction competition. We invited him in the studio to recite his award-winning sci-fi story “Not Usual.”

"Not Usual"


Ty Burr is a Boston Globe film critic and author of Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame. He spoke with us about the Hollywood produced, star-studded, international action hit that you’ve probably never heard of.


Here's the US trailer for Snowpiercer:

On Demand

With hundreds of selections being added and removed from on-demand movie and television services every month, sifting through the choices can be a Herculean task.  Fear not, Word of Mouth producer and movie reviewer extraordinaire Taylor Quimby jumps into the studio to offer his top picks for movies worth watching in June.

On Demand

The Geology Of Game Of Thrones

As Michael Osborne of the podcast Generation Anthropocene discovered, digging into the fictional geology and geography of Game of Thrones can turn out to be a surprisingly insightful exercise.

The Geology Of Game Of Thrones

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