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This Weekend's N.H. Arts Scene: Mary Pickford And Fountains Of Wayne


For anyone who’s ever driven by a crumbling old New Hampshire barn and wondered what could be in there, here’s one answer…a stack of dusty old film reels that turned out to be the only surviving reel from a long lost 1911 film. The movie, called Their First Misunderstanding , was written by and stars Mary Pickford, one of the most beloved actresses of the  silent film era. We spoke with Professor Emeritus of Film Studies at Keene State College Dr. Larry Benaquist about the discovery of this rare, important and now celebrated film.

A still from the Fountains of Wayne video "Stacy's Mom," which brought the band - and model Rachel Hunter - plenty of notice.

  'Wise guys with plenty of empathy," that’s what The New York Times called the venerable power pop band Fountains of Wayne. On Saturday, the band brings their cannily crafted songs to the StockbridgeTheatre in Derry. We caught up with bassist Adam Schlesinger on the road to see if Stacey’s Mom still has it going on.

You can fill out the weekend with a reading by New Hampshire writer Tony Irons, who kicks off the "Sundays on the Porch" series at Calef’s Country Store in Barrington. Tony will be reading from his second novel, Dengman Gap, at 2 PM. 

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