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In New Hampshire, almost two out of three adults and more than a quarter of our children are overweight or obese. NHPR’s series explores the causes, the consequences, and some promising solutions to a growing crisis.Fast Facts about Obesity in NH BROUGHT TO YOU IN PART BY: The HNHfoundation

School Lunch in N.H.: The Challenges of Getting Healthy Food in Front of Kids


As stricter nutrition regulations go into their fifth year, some New Hampshire students and schools, continue to push back against these federal guidelines to make meals healthier.  But the rules have many supporters too who say that serving food with less sodium, fat, and calories is a necessity in an era of childhood obesity.


  • Doris Demers - vice president of New Hampshire's School Nutrition Association and school nutrition director at Oyster River Cooperative School District.
  • Jessica Donze Black - director of the Kids' Safe and Healthful Foods Project at Pew Trusts.
  • Stacey Purslow - New Hampshire's Farm-to-School program coordinator.
  • Amanda Venezia - dining services director at Londonderry High School, which pulled out of the National School Lunch program last year.

We'll also hear from Allison Aubrey, NPR's food correspondent.

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