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Murder Of Joseph Smith: Alex Beam's "American Crucifixion"


We're sitting down with Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam to talk about his new book, "American Crucifixion," examining the life of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church.


  • Alex Beam – columnist for the Boston Globe and author of several books, most recently “American Crucifixion.”


  • Alex Beam's blog
  • Boston Public Radio interview with Alex Beam about the book: "I've been lucky enough to undertake projects that were really fun for me to do, that were really consuming and interesting. And so you have to tell yourself: the book may fail.  Am I okay with how I spent these last two years? If you can't answer that question 'yes,' you're doing the wrong thing."
  • an LA Times review: "While Beam wraps in some essential early church history, this is at heart a journalistic account of a murder that tells us as much about religious intolerance and the low flash point of mob violence as it does about Mormonism."

Alex Beam's book talk at DC bookstore Politics and Prose:

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