Your New Hampshire Voting Questions: Answered

Nov 6, 2018

Tuesday is midterm day, and there is still a lot of confusion surrounding who can vote, what you need to bring to the polls, and whether voting legislation like SB3 will impact you. We'll answer these questions on-air, and hear about Spanish-language resources for voters and a forum for transgender voters. 


Resources For The Midterm Election:

 "N.H. Voter Resources: What You Need To Know Before Heading To The Polls."

"What Are Ballot Measures And What's Their Role In Direct Democracy?" from NHPR's Morning Edition team. 

"How Should You Vote On Constitutional Amendment Ballot Questions?" from NHPR's Morning Edition team. 

"Ballot Question 2: Should 'Right to Live Free' Language Be Added to the N.H. Constitution?" from NHPR's Morning Edition team. 

Check out NHPR's 2018 Elections page, where we have curated coverage about the races, candidates, ballot questions, and more.

Here is the Spanish version of this guide, "N.H. Recursos Para Votantes: Lo que necesita saber antes de votar."

Read about your voting rights if you have a disability. Here are some FAQs for voters with disabilities. 

Visit the NH Ballotpedia page to read about all the offices and questions you'll find on your ballot. 

Also check out Citizens Count, a nonprofit in N.H. that provides information about legislative bills, state and local candidates, and much more.