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A Year in N.H. News: The Top Stories of 2017

Dec 19, 2017

NHPR Top Stories of the Year

NHPR News covered hundreds of stories in 2017. They ranged from the sublime (see Todd Bookman's story about an amateur synchronized swimming team in Hancock), to the tragic - such as Jack Rodolico's Heroin Diaries, in which a wife of an overdose victim discovers his videos chronicling his struggle.

(Stories about opioid misuse were common. They inspired the special series, "Alternatives: New Hampshire Gets Creative to Curb Ongoing Opioid Crisis.")

Other hot topics in 2017 included voting reform and voter rights, marijuana legislation, immigration, a series on ATVs in New Hampshire, the high-profile escapades of "rogue bears" in Hanover, and - in one of the most-read articles on NHPR.org - the story of that "Chicken Farmer I Still Love You' rock.

Scroll down to explore those and other NHPR news stories that got the most attention in 2017. And if you have a favorite story you don't see below, you can share it on NHPR Facebook page or send us an email

A Year in New Hampshire News
Chris Webber was one of the Valley Street Jail inmates profiled by Emily Corwin in her series looking at disparities in New Hampshire's criminal justice system
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR


  1. N.H. Senate Passes Concealed Carry Gun Bill
  2. How the Drug Crisis is Reshaping One Busy New Hampshire Hospital
  3. Dozens Held on Low Bail For Nonviolent Crimes at Valley Street Jail
  4. How to Celebrate (Or Protest) Trump’s Inauguration Without Leaving N.H.
  5. Hassan Presses DeVos on Enforcing Protections for Students with Disabilities

The Nansen Ski Jump in Berlin was brought back to life for one more jump.
Credit State of NH


  1. Where Were Out-of-State IDs Used to Vote in New Hampshire Last November?
  2. A 171-Foot-Tall North Country Landmark Brought Back to Life for One More Jump
  3. Police Reporting of Unauthorized Immigrants Varies Dramatically Between N.H. Towns
  4. A Florida-based Think Tank Is Behind a Bill That Would Limit Food Stamp Eligibility in N.H.
  5. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Doctor, Wife Kept Apart After Trump’s Immigration Executive Order
  6. Transgender Teen Speaks Out On Trump Rolling Back Protections, New Hampshire Bill

The New Hampshire State House dome in Concord
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR


  1. Minimum Age of Marriage in N.H. Remains 13 for Women, 14 for Men
  2. N.H. House Overwhelmingly Passes Measures to Loosen State’s Marijuana Laws
  3. Made in New Hampshire: Manufacturing’s Rise and Fall in Manchester
  4. New Hampshire State Senator Scott McGilvray Dies
  5. For Some Former Service Members, “Ask The Question” Campaign Redefines “Veteran”

A potentially deadly dose of Carfentanil compared with other common opioids
Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR


  1. First Responders Prepare for Possible Surge in Deadly Carfentanil Use<
  2. Bill Would Let N.H. Parents Use State Funds for Private Or Home Schools
  3. N.H. Continues to Make Millions off Alcohol, But Spends Little to Curb Impact
  4. N.H. ACLU: Bill Would “Effectively Criminalize” Legitimate New Hampshire Voters
  5. In the Most Yankee of Traditions, A “Repair Cafe” Lanches in Peterborough
  6. N.H. DOT Produces Tutorial On How to Navigate Two-Lane Roundabouts

Residents of Lisbon, New Hampshire explain why their town saw a revolt
Credit Todd Bookman/NHPR


  1. After Nashua’s Daniel Webster College Signs Off, What’s Next For Students and Staff?
  2. Why Did the Citizens of Lisbon, N.H. Revolt?
  3. With No Oversight, How Sober is “Sober Living” in New Hampshire?
  4. Quebec Manufacturer Announces Plans to Expand to Berlin, N.H.
  5. After a Decade of Saying No, N.H. Senate Poised to Support Marijuana Decriminalization

One of dozens of Great Danes rescued from a puppy mill in Wolfeboro


  1. Mexican Restaurant in N.H. Shuts Down After Immigration Raid
  2. 84 Great Danes Rescued From Alleged Puppy Mill in Wolfeboro
  3. Marijuana Decriminalization Set to Become Law in N.H.
  4. Gov. Sununu Says He “Stands By” Trump’s Decision to Withdraw From Paris Accord
  5. “You’re Full of #S*@!” At N.H. Parole Board, Tough Talk Can Veer to the Profane
  6. Concord Refugee Faces Charges, Barriers and Misunderstanding
  7. Solving The Mystery of the Great Wall of Sandwich, N.H.

The bar at Concord Craft Brewing in Concord, NH
Credit Taylor Quimby for NHPR


  1. Sec. of State Gardner: N.H. Will Provide Public Voter Information to Trump Election Commission
  2. You Asked, We Answered: Why Does N.H. Still Require Annual Car Inspections?
  3. You Asked, We Answered: Is N.H.’s Craft Beer Hype Actually Brewing Big Business?
  4. You Asked, We Answered: What Happened To The People in That N.H. Ghost Town?
  5. An Arts Festival, a Curmudgeon, and Legacy of Two Sisters Collide in Portsmouth
  6. Sununu Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill
  7. Manchester VA Director, Chief of Staff Removed Pending Investigation

The Synchro Sisters - an usual synchronized swimming team in Hancock
Credit Todd Bookman/NHPR


  1. White Nationalist Who Participated in Charlottesville Clashes Lives in Keene
  2. Three Children Among 25 Undocumented Immigrants Detained at N.H. Highway Checkpoint
  3. Solar Eclipse Viewing Parties Planned Across N.H.
  4. You Asked, We Answered: Are There Secret Archaeological Sites in N.H.?
  5. In Tiny Hancock, N.H., A Synchronized Swimming Team Like No Other
  6. Indonesian Christians Face Trump’s Deportation Crackdown

Residents held a vigil in Claremont after an alleged race-based attack on a young boy
Credit Britta Greene / NHPR


  1. State Authorities Helping in Investigation of Alleged Race-Based Attack in Claremont
  2. Uncle: Claremont Police Didn’t Act Until Alleged Lynching Attack on Boy Got Publicity
  3. Special Series: Alternatives - N.H. Gets Creative to Curb Ongoing Opioid Crisis
  4. Swimming to Church: the Island Chapel on a New Hampshire Lake
  5. You Asked, We Answered: Why Does Portsmouth Shut Down at 9 p.m.?
  6. Risk, Decisions, and Death in the Presidentials
  7. N.H.'s Marijuana Decriminalization Law Now in Effect, But Do People Know Pot's Still Illegal?
  8. You Asked, We Answered: Does N.H. Have a Signature Food?
  9. Data on Out-of-State IDs Fuels Cries of ‘Fraud’ in 2016 Election

A late October storm caused widespread flooding in N.H. In Warren, the Baker River swelled and sent part of a house down river. No one was hurt in this image.
Credit Courtesy, Thomas K. Babbit


  1. Update: N.H. Sees Widespread Damage From Severe Wind, Rainstorm
  2. The Heroin Diaries: Wife of Overdose Victim Discovers Videos Chronicling His Struggle
  3. Storm Damage: Swollen River Destroys House in Warren, N.H.
  4. In N.H.’s North Country, ATV Tourism Revs Up Culture Clash
  5. New Hampshire May Get a Free Commuter Rail Line...And Not for the First Time
  6. You Asked, We Answered: How Come No One Knows Wood Smoke is Bad for You?
  7. Congresswoman Shea-Porter Won't Seek Re-election
  8. The Sound of Money: Can ATVs Reinvigorate N.H.'s North Country Economy?
  9. Crews Battle Forest Fire on Kinsman Ridge in Woodstock

The "Chicken Farmer I Still Love You" rock in Newbury, N.H.
Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR


  1. You Asked, We Answered: What’s Up With That ‘Chicken Farmer I Still Love You’ Rock?
  2. Outside/In: Powerline Series
  3. Judge Blocks Attempt By New London Doctor to Reopen Practice
  4. No, The Maura Murray Case Has Not Been ‘Reopened’
  5. How Trump’s ‘America First’ Trade Policy is Reshaping N.H.’s Lumber Industry
  6. Live Free? Die? Decades-Old Fight Over N.H. Motto to Get Supreme Court Shout-out
  7. You Asked, We Answered: Why Doesn’t Everyone Wear Seat Belts in N.H.?
  8. How Guns from N.H. Ended Up in the Hands of the Indonesian Secret Service
  9. Export Rules Take The Wind Out of N.H. Bagpipe Company
  10. Behind Planned Mosque in Keene, a 'Redneck Muslim' With Libertarian Ties

Gary Sredzienski emerges from the Piscataqua River after his 4-mile swim for charity.
Credit Jason Moon/NHPR


  1. Women Lobbyists, Legislators Describe Coping with Harassment at N.H. Statehouse
  2. Vermin Supreme hosts ‘Pony Parade’ Protest Outside Clinton Event in Concord
  3. To Promote Diversity, N.H. City Will Fly an Atheist Flag Over Ten Commandments
  4. Trove of Skis Could Be Treasure, Or It Could Be Trash
  5. To Understand Great Bay's Decline (And How To Stop It), Start on the Water
  6. 'Creekman' Swims for Ukulele Kids Club in Daring Stunt