With Their Library Out Of Commission, Hopkinton Librarians Create 'Story Stops'

Oct 11, 2018


The temporary library in Hopkinton's Slusser Center.
Credit Courtesy of Leigh Maynard

Librarians in Hopkinton are finding new ways to encourage reading after a fire damaged the town library in August.

With the library building undergoing significant repairs, Hopkinton has set up a small, makeshift library of about 3,000 books in a community center.

But it doesn't have the vast array of puzzles, books and reading nooks that families are used to.

So this week, librarian Leigh Maynard opened four "Story Stops" in town.

Families can go to the story stops, read a children's book, and, once they've gone to all stops, go to the community center to retreive their prize: a book of their choice to keep.

Maynard says her goal was to make reading accessible and convenient.

"I've never seen this done anywhere else," she says. "It's a great way to get your children involved with reading in a fun way, because you're traveling from one place to another. Just to keep reading to your children is so important."

Around 95% of books survived the August fire. They are now being cleaned and stored at a nearby warehouse until the damaged library is repaired, which librarians expect to take another 3 to 6 months.