Sununu Accuses N.H. Democrats of Orchestrating Voter Fraud | New Hampshire Public Radio

Sununu Accuses N.H. Democrats of Orchestrating Voter Fraud

Nov 1, 2016

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu is accusing New Hampshire Democrats of orchestrating voter fraud in the state.

During an appearance Monday on the Howie Carr Show, Sununu claimed Democrats are busing in Massachusetts residents and using the state’s same-day registration law to get them to vote in New Hampshire.

“There’s no doubt there’s election fraud here and they’re kind of – I don’t want to use rigged, that’s like the word you’re not supposed to use anymore – but they have really gamed the system in their advantage. One of the first things I’m going to do is simply make it fair. I just believe in fairness. Everyone has to have a fair shot, not a rigged system pushing one demographic or another.”

A spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party criticized Sununu’s remarks, accusing him of attacking the integrity of the state’s election system.

New Hampshire is one of 13 states where voters can register on Election Day.