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Study: New England Winters Getting Shorter, More Intense

Feb 10, 2020

Credit Sarah Gibson / NHPR file photo

New research shows the Northeast is the only part of the country where winter snowfall is increasing, not decreasing – but the data the snowy season is also getting shorter.

The nonprofit Climate Central reviewed decades of snowfall data from across the country for the new analysis.

It says overall, as the climate warms, the nation is seeing less snow after March and before December. Winter snowfall has largely increased in northern areas, and decreased in southern ones.

The biggest percentage drop in snowfall was in Tennessee, followed by parts of Texas, the Southwest and Midwest.

In New England, winter snowfall has increased by several inches in every city researchers analyzed. The exception was Manchester, which lost snow in every season.

Concord and other New England cities lost a few inches snow in fall and spring, while experiencing wetter winters.

Research shows climate change is also making winter less predictable in the Northeast, with rapid freeze-thaw changes and stronger storms.

Scroll to see more graphics from Climate Central about snow trends in New Hampshire and beyond:

Credit Climate Central
Credit Climate Central
Credit Climate Central