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School Funding: A New Lawsuit and COVID-19

Sep 28, 2020

Credit The City Journal

Though it has been the subject of debate for decades, school funding is back in the limelight in New Hampshire. The state Supreme Court heard oral arguments last week after four districts sued the state for not funding an adequate education for students. We examine the history and nuances of this discussion and explore how the issue is complicated by COVID-19. 

Air date: Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. 

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  • Natalie Laflamme - Attorney based in Concord. 
  • Bill Ardinger - Tax attorney with a law firm in Concord and a member of the New Hampshire Commission to Study School Funding. 
  • Liz Canada - Director of Public Policy and Practice at Reaching Higher NH
  • Julie King - Superintendent of the Berlin School District

This show was produced by fellow Jane Vaughan.