Responders Work To Protect Goffstown's Reservoir After Nearby Oil Truck Crash

Nov 26, 2018

Goffstown firefighters work to contain a heating oil spill from a delivery truck Sunday.
Credit Goffstown Fire

Officials are taking precautions after a heating oil spill near Goffstown's drinking water reservoir.

It came from an Irving Oil delivery truck that crashed and tipped over Sunday morning. 

The truck spilled as much as 1,100 gallons of oil near a stream that runs into the local reservoir.

The driver was uninjured. Officials believe the crash, on Mountain Road, was caused by icy conditions. 

Local firefighters, private contractors and state responders removed most of the oil and contaminated snow and sediment on Sunday and Monday.

But state spill response administrator Bob Bishop says the rain in the forecast could complicate things.

"We are concerned about runoff, now, of some remaining contamination that we're still working to remove, but we put some different dams and absorbent materials in place to prevent that from happening,” Bishop says.

Monitoring and cleanup will continue in the coming days. Bishop says he doesn't believe the spill poses a major threat to the town's drinking water.

It's not clear yet if the spill will prompt a groundwater investigation.

It’s not the largest heating oil spill the state has seen in recent winters. Bishop says slick roads and lots of oil trucks driving on them mean such incidents are not unexpected in winter.