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Republicans Vie For Conservative Mantle in N.H.'s 1st Congressional District

Sep 10, 2018


Republican congressional candidate Eddie Edwards talks to supporters Rep. Peter Varney and Beth Varney at the Olde Bay Diner in Alton Bay.
Credit Sarah Gibson for NHPR

In the final day of a bitter fight for the Republican nomination in the 1st Congressional District, frontrunners Andy Sanborn and Eddie Edwards say tomorrow's primary comes down to character and conservatism.

Over the weekend, state Sen. Andy Sanborn was endorsed by the NRA and from two fellow state senators Bill Gannon and Bob Giuda.

The endorsements touted Sanborn's voting record while in the Legislature.

On WGIR radio Monday morning, Sanborn billed himself as the true conservative, referencing Edwards' alleged voting record while on the board of the New Hampshire Endowment for Health.

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"I am the only conservative in this race, said Sanborn. "And I have a proven record of what I fight for. Mr. Edwards has been talking about being a conservative, and his votes just say something different."

Edwards also received a high grade from the NRA. At a campaign stop in Alton Bay on Monday, Edwards argued that he and Sanborn are equally conservative, so the choice for voters tomorrow comes down to character.

"We don't have a great divide on policy at all, to be quite honest," Edwards said. "So this is about the people we're electing to represent our policies."

Edwards' campaign - and his recent endorsements from female state senators - have focused on what Edwards calls Sanborn's "character flaws," pointing to allegations that Sanborn routinely behaved inappropriately towards interns and staffers while in office.

Republican primary voters get their say tomorrow at the polls.