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N.H. Lawmakers Consider Bill To Blunt Any Biden Executive Order On Guns

Apr 28, 2021

N.H. Statehouse
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

A New Hampshire House committee took up a Senate-backed plan aimed at blunting the effects of any executive order issued by President Biden dealing with guns.

As drafted, the bill would prohibit any state resources from being used to enforce or assist federal authorities in enforcing any executive order on guns.

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While supporters of tightening gun policies urged the committee to reject the bill, gun rights advocates like JR Hoell, of the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, said the Senate bill didn't go far enough.

"We would ask that you adopt an amendment that addresses all of the following: congressional actions, executive orders, and ATF rules. And that there be penalties for local and state officials who choose to follow federal rule over state law," Hoell said.

The committee is also considering legislation to end the state-operated system for conducting background checks on handgun purchases, instead having those checks carried out using the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Gun rights backers say the change would eliminate delays. Critics told the committee it would remove a layer of safety for victims of domestic violence.

The state Senate also passed that bill earlier this month.

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