N.H. Gains Second Highest Number of New Residents Among New England States

Apr 18, 2019

Census population estimates released Thursday show that New Hampshire gained the second highest number of new residents among New England states last year.


The Granite State added an estimated 6,700 people with only Massachusetts seeing more newcomers.


"Domestic migration is the thing that's changing and fueling more and more of this growth, which is more typical of New Hampshire's historical patterns," says UNH Senior Demographer Ken Johnson.


Nine of New Hampshire's 10 counties experienced growth, with only Grafton seeing a decrease. Hillsborough county saw the highest population gain in the state.


"You know, it strikes me that the state is doing certainly better than earlier in the decade,” says Johnson. “And it's happening both in the rural parts of the state and the urban parts of the state."


International immigration led to 2,600 more people coming to New Hampshire, but Johnson says that is in decline in the last two years.