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The Exchange: Live From Home

Jul 8, 2020

“COVID-19: Where Does New Hampshire Go From Here?”

Virtual Summer Events Series Explores This Question 

New Hampshire Public Radio will hold a series of virtual events this summer with newsmakers and thought leaders to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people in New Hampshire right now and how it may further change our lives and our communities into the future. The Exchange, the state’s only locally-produced, statewide call-in radio talk show, will convene the conversations in a virtual format that invites listener participation and questions, a hallmark of the show’s usual in-studio broadcasts.

The Exchange: Live From Home series will encompass four, hour-long events, held on Tuesday evenings during select dates in July, August and early September. Each event will reflect The Exchange’s distinct mix of thoughtful discussion and listener engagement, with audience members invited to pose questions and chat with fellow attendees. After Exchange – an exclusive post-show conversation – will provide attendees the chance to ask questions with Exchange host Laura Knoy, guests and other NHPR journalists about the evening’s topic and show production.

The series kicks off on Tuesday, July 21, with a focus on public health. Topics later in the four-part series will explore:

  • How the pandemic is affecting family finances, small businesses and other kitchen-table economic issues for Granite State residents
  • How the pandemic changed K-12 education for families and educators and how the upcoming school year may look different
  • The critical role of mental health and self-care in maintaining balance and perspective under the conditions and challenges posed by the pandemic

“For 25 years, thought leaders have come to NHPR’s studios for timely conversation and lively debate on The Exchange,” said Jim Schachter, President & CEO of NHPR. “Those discussions have continued uninterrupted through the pandemic. Now, we’re inviting deeply engaged people across New Hampshire to join the conversation with Laura Knoy and her guests in real time, if in a virtual space.”

For the first event on public health and for future events, listeners are encouraged to submit their questions and share their stories in advance; public questions will help guide the interview and may be read by Laura Knoy on-air. Submit questions in advance via email at  

The Exchange: Live From Home series is just part of a comprehensive portfolio of NHPR reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. Other tools and reporting projects related to pandemic coverage and accessible online include:

  • Coronavirus Coverage portal: a home base for all of NHPR and NPR’s coverage of the pandemic
  • Coronavirus Updates – a live blog of news updates related to coronavirus in New Hampshire
  • Coronavirus Case Tracker: Data, graphics and charts tracking the spread of the virus in New Hampshire and confirmed cases, among other trends. 
  • FAQ: Questions and answers and what you need to know about coronavirus in New Hampshire


GENERAL PUBLIC: All events will be held online via the Zoom platform. All forums are free, but registration is required and seating is limited.

Please register online at: [NOTE: Look for the specific event name and date before registering]. For questions regarding the event or registration, contact


The Exchange: Live From Home



Tuesday, July 21: Public Health

What is the ‘new normal’, and why do people disagree on what ‘normal’ looks like? As we move beyond quarantines and stay-at-home orders, a new way of living with COVID-19 is emerging. As people choose to return to work or go out in public – what does this new normal look like? As the nation awaits effective therapeutics or a vaccine to combat COVID-19, what does life look like to you and how are you navigating daily rituals like work, school, playing or being out at public events? What are the ramifications for us all in New Hampshire?

Tuesday, August 4: The Economy

How has the pandemic upended personal financial situations and outlooks in the Granite State? The program will explore issues of personal finance, from planning for retirement and building a nest egg, to how the pandemic has dampened employment and career prospects, gutted household savings and forced business closures. We’ll explore how these community and personal changes have impacted individual financial security, plans and habits.

Tuesday, Aug. 18: K-12 Education

The pandemic forced New Hampshire educators, parents and students into an at-home, remote model of learning that few were prepared for and many tried to manage as best as they could under challenging home and professional circumstances. Looking ahead to the new school year beginning in September – what will the new school year look like for teachers and families? How are teachers preparing and setting up their classrooms, and how are families navigating remote learning? The hour will include stories from parents and teachers alike sharing what they have learned, and offering tips and learnings for others.

Tuesday, Sept. 1 – Self-care and Mental Health

Since the pandemic began in March, NHPR has presented thoughtful reporting on mental health challenges, including a special series in May, Lifelines, looking at trauma during a time of COVID-19. The final event in the summer series will look at how the pandemic is affecting people’s daily lives and mental health. Laura Knoy will be joined by mental health experts, offering up strategies for coping and practical tips to help people better understand how to respond to crisis and the major life changes brought on by the pandemic.

AUDIENCE QUESTIONS: Listeners with questions for The Exchange panelists are encouraged to submit their questions in advance via email. [NOTE: These questions will help guide the interview and may be read by Laura Knoy on air]


6:30 p.m. – Pre-event social (optional). Participants may log on beginning at 6:30 p.m. for pre-event conversation, technical support and to connect with other event-goers. NHPR President & CEO Jim Schachter will be online to say hello and answer questions about NHPR.

7 – 8 p.m. – The Exchange Live From Home program.  

8 – 8:30 p.m. – After Exchange bonus conversation with Laura Knoy and event panelists/newsmakers.

[PROGRAMMING NOTE: These events will take place via Zoom, but the programs will be rebroadcast on NHPR on the immediate Thursday after the virtual event(s) take place. Go to to learn more.]


This event is being recorded and photographed for Broadcast use by NHPR.  Your participation in this virtual event implies consent.


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