On Eve Of House Impeachment Vote, Rallygoers In N.H. Say Nation Faces 'Moment Of Truth'

Dec 17, 2019

People in New Hampshire and hundreds of communities around the country held rallies Tuesday night in support of the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The House of Representatives is expected to approve articles of impeachment Wednesday. The Senate would then act as jurors for a trial.

Mike Mackey from Newfields stood in the snow in Portsmouth’s Market Square with a sign that read “Save Our Democracy.” He said he hopes members of Congress will successfully impeach and remove the president.

“You have to go beyond the political impact and say you’ve gotta do the right thing – the right thing to do is to follow the Constitution regardless of what the politics indicate,” Mackey said. “Unfortunately, what concerns me is what happens next.”

Mackey said a potential acquittal by the Senate could embolden Trump to take more actions like those that form the basis of the House impeachment articles.

Chris Liquori was also in Market Square. He said Republican senators should prioritize the Constitution if and when they’re asked to judge the president.

“This is a moment of truth for our Republic and everything is on the line, and they need to put country above party for once in their life,” Liquori said.

Protesters called for voters nationwide to press their Washington representatives on impeachment in the days ahead.

Both of New Hampshire’s representatives have said they’ll vote for those articles of impeachment.