Colebrook Opens Streets To Welcome ATV Tourists

Jan 10, 2013

ATV enthusiasts have been working with state officials and land owners and say they are linking existing riding areas through the North Country, primarily by using existing pathways such as logging roads.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

The town of Colebrook in the North Country has taken a new step to try and attract ATV-riding tourists.

It’s opening up some of its streets to the all-terrain vehicles.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

Colebrook’s select board has approved opening up 21 streets in the town to ATV riders, says Jules Kennett, one of the three selectmen.

 “We finally came up with what we believe is the safest, most accessible way to get the ATVers into the center of town.”

The speed limit would be 10 miles per hour.

The decision is part of a plan to make it easier for ATV riders to take advantage of an expanded trail network that includes ways to get into town to buy supplies, have meals and spend the night.

Previously ATV riders would have to dismount outside town and put their machines on trailers.

Groups such as the Metallak ATV club have been working with state officials to link existing riding areas. It is hoped that by this summer riders will be able to go from Gorham to Pittsburg.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen