Bringing Hollywood to the Granite State: A NH Coalition Wants Tax Incentives for Film and TV

Aug 10, 2012

A group of arts and media business owners have formed a coalition hoping to encourage film and TV production in the Granite State. 

The New Hampshire Production Coalition is currently developing a legislative plan that would help New Hampshire compete with more film-friendly states like Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

Tim Egan, of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, is the coalition’s president.

“Film, television, digital design, video gamers…  All the creative economy type industries don’t really have a trade association.”

That’s why the NHPC is trying to unify the state’s creative industries, and promote New Hampshire’s assets to outside companies.

Aaron Wiederspahn is a New Hampshire filmmaker.

“You know the state has no sales tax, no capital gains tax, things of that nature, so those are real positive.  The biggest thing right now that is prohibitive, is that we don’t have tax incentives.”

Wiederspahn wrote and directed the 2006 film “The Sensation of Sight”, filmed exclusively in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

His next film, slated to begin production next Saturday, will be filmed predominantly in Claremont.