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Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy In N.H.

May 5, 2021

Vaccine entrance sign in Concord.
Credit Dan Barrick/NHPR

According to the latest survey from UNH, a quarter of Granite Staters responded "probably not" or "definitely not" when asked if they would get a COVID-19 vaccine. We talk with local public health experts about how they're working to reach hesitant Granite Staters, and provide accurate, useful information about vaccines. 

Air date: Thursday, May 6, 2021. 


  • Tracy Keirns - Assistant Director of the UNH Survey Center, which surveyed Granite Staters about their experience with COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Walter King - Advisor for Healthcare Voices of New Hampshire, an independent grassroots organization that amplifies the voices of healthcare workers to improve healthcare for all. King is a retired research and development executive in healthcare with a Ph.D. in virology and molecular biology, and has worked in the in vitro diagnostic field for over 30 years, having developed regulated tests in the areas of infectious disease, cancer, and genetic diseases.  He also serves on the City of Dover's Energy Commission and is active in the state's Democratic Party.
  • Dr. Marie-Elizabeth Ramas - Family physician and activist, and advisor for Healthcare Voices of New Hampshire. She also oversees The Lighthouse NH, which engages BIPOC communities in public health and wellness. 
  • Kristen van Bergen-Buteau- Director of Workforce and Public Health Programs for the North Country Health Consortium.

This show was produced by Christina Phillips. 


Vaccines for COVID-19 from the CDC. 

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