3.25.14: Walter Kirn, Snake Oil, Johnny Cash & "MFA Versus NYC"

Mar 25, 2014

Credit via amazon.com, Chris Devers and Heinrich Klaffs via flickr Creative Commons & nplusonemag.com

No fooling: today's show deals with some dangerous imposters. It's not all lies and deception, however. We also have some "lost" sounds from the man in black himself. Finally, Chad Harbach talks about his controversial essay about making it as a writer. Grab your headphones and turn up the volume; we've got the stories behind the stories.

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Walter Kirn

  • Walter Kirn’s new book, Blood Will Out is his account of being taken in by the eccentric and seductive sham of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, or Clark Rockefeller. The book is part memoir, part true crime, and part expose of how class and status.
  • Meet Walter Kirn in person on Wednesday, March 26th at the Music Hall Loft in Portsmouth, N.H.. Call 603- call 603-435-2400 for tickets or go online to themusichall.org.

Snake Oil

  • As a land of new beginnings, America has a long history of imposters and grifters. Nate Dimeo of The Memory Palace podcast brings us this story, about a man who went to dangerous lengths to cure men of erectile dysfunction in the 1930s. 

Johnny Cash

  • Fortunately for Johnny Cash lovers and music historians out there, a lost album is being released by legacy recordings today. So why was the album “lost”? And how does it fit into the Cash – and American – music canon?  We invited Robert Baird, music editor of Stereophile, to help answer some of those questions. Head over here for more info on the album.

"MFA vs NYC"

  • Two years ago, Chad Harbach, an editor and founder of n+1 magazine addressed the two-headed system in an essay called “MFA vs NYC.” That article struck a nerve with writers. Chad has taken it a step further, compiling a collection of essays on what the two-headed system has meant for writing and writers. Chad Harbach, also author of the best-selling novel The Art Of Fielding.