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Explore New Hampshire's Lobbying Financial Disclosures


It can be hard to keep track of the details on lobbying spending in New Hampshire. We want to help.

Every few months, lobbyists are supposed to file paperwork detailing the fees they've collected and any expenses they've incurred on behalf of their clients. Those forms are posted on the Secretary of State's website, but the filings are split up across dozens of different pages — making it challenging to look up all of the lobbyists working for a particular client at once, for example, or to track lobbying trends over an extended period of time.


Using records provided by the Secretary of State, we built a searchable DocumentCloud database of those same lobbying disclosure forms and are making that available here, as a public tool. So far, we've added the records for 2017, 2018 and 2019, but we hope to post additional years soon. 

You can use the tool below to search for filings by the name of an individual lobbyist or client, and in some cases by lobbying firm. These forms are filed quarterly — in April, July, October and January — but the January filings apply to the previous calendar year.

Please be aware that we did not alter the names of these files, except to identify what filing period they applied to ("April 2019," "January 2018" and so on). As a result, you might encounter some misspellings or typos in the document labels. 

If you don't see the searchable tool below, you can click here to explore it on a separate page.


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