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N.H. House Will Debate Education Policy and ... Time Zones

Paige Sutherland/NHPR

The New Hampshire House meets Thursday to vote on bills ranging from education policy to a proposal to possibly change the state’s time zone.

Two bills likely to pass the House Thursday were both vetoed by former Gov. Maggie Hassan in the recent past. One requires school districts to provide a two-week notice to parents before teaching material on human sexuality and reproduction.

Those for this measure say it protects the right of parental control; those against argue it would create a burden for schools.

Another measure up for a vote would let students opt out of statewide testing. Hassan vetoed this bill in 2015, saying it violates state and federal law.

Both bills have strong Republican support. And with a Republican now in the governor’s office, both look likely to become law.

There will also be debate on whether to move New Hampshire into the Atlantic Time Zone, which would eliminate daylight savings. But only if Massachusetts makes the same move.

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