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Littleton Food Co-op Plans To Expand

Chris Jensen for NHPR

Almost six years after it opened the only food co-op the North Country plans to expand so it can offer more locally produced food...

On average the Littleton Food Co-op has almost 5,000 customers a week and many of them want organic or locally produced food, says Ed King, the general manager.

So, the seven-member, elected board voted to expand.

“Obviously we’re focusing on the categories in our store that are most successful and I think natural, organic and local products are the linchpin of our business.”

King says the precise plans for the expansion and what it will cost are still being worked out, but he expects the project will cost around $2 million.

“We’re looking to add 5,700 square feet to our current building which is probably a 30 percent increase over our current store.”

Last year the co-op had sales of about $9.3 million, a six-percent increase over the previous year. Organic sales were up 18 percent.

“We reached profitability, paid down our debt, specially our member loans and we’re at a point now where we can look forward to being a bigger, better co-op.”

The co-op has yet to seek  financing.

King said he hopes the new wing could be open late in 2016.

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