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Outside/In: Do airports dream of electric planes?

small plane in the blue sky
The Alice, the “world’s first all electric passenger plane,” on its test flight.

Flying is a mess. Underserved airports, a global pilot shortage, and incessant extra fees. . . not to mention, of course, the emissions.

But, in 2022, an aviation start-up debuted “the world’s first all-electric passenger plane.” They say that electric flight can help address not only emissions, but also entrenched problems in the entire aviation system. Can it?

Featuring Noah Karberg, Lynnette Dray, Dan Wolf, and Greg Davis, with appearances by Jim Goddard, Scott Genthner, Joe Urbanski, and Bill Guinee.


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Why do airlines try to sell you credit cards? Because “airlines are just banks now.” (The Atlantic)

Experts told us that on the whole, the aviation system is quite safe… but it might be more complicated. (New York Times) 


Outside/In host: Nate Hegyi

Reported, produced, and mixed by Justine Paradis

Edited by Taylor Quimby

Our team also includes Felix Poon.

NHPR’s Director of Podcasts is Rebecca Lavoie.

Music by bomull, Bill Vortex, Guustavv, Xavy Rusan, Bonkers Beat Club, Nul Tiel Records, Adelyn Paik, Shiruky, Uncle Bibby, Scott Gratton, and Blue Dot Sessions.

Outside/In is a production of New Hampshire Public Radio.

Justine Paradis is a producer and reporter for NHPR's Creative Production Unit, most oftenOutside/In. Before NHPR, she produced Millennial podcast from Radiotopia, contributed to podcasts including Love + Radio, and reported for WCAI & WGBH from her hometown of Nantucket island.
Outside/In is a show where curiosity and the natural world collide. Click here for podcast episodes and more.
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