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Explore the Data: Tracking COVID-19 in New Hampshire

NHPR has been tracking the pandemic's impact on New Hampshire since March 2020, when COVID-19 was first detected in the state.

Along the way, we’ve adjusted our approach to this tracker as new data sources became available and as we’ve moved through different phases of the pandemic. As the pandemic continues to stretch into its second year, we’re focused on continuing to provide this service, though at a smaller scale.

Starting in May 2021, we retooled this tracker to focus on the basics: a big-picture look at trends in vaccinations, case counts, hospitalizations and more. That means we're no longer including charts on some more detailed pieces of data, like bed capacity at individual hospitals and institutional outbreaks. This has allowed us to focus our reporting efforts on covering new phases of the pandemic and other important issues affecting the state.

To find out more about the current COVID-19 outlook in New Hampshire, scroll through the charts on this page. You can also jump ahead to a specific topic by clicking through the list below.

If you have any questions about this tracker or the numbers, we invite you to reach out to us at coronavirus@nhpr.org, and we’ll do our best to provide answers.

Most of the information below comes directly from New Hampshire's COVID-19 data updates. If you have questions or think we made a mistake, please email us at coronavirus@nhpr.org.

Just the basics: Total cases, hospitalizations, deaths and other key metrics for New Hampshire

How Prevalent is COVID-19 where you live —and what Does that mean for mask recommendations?

What do we know about breakthrough COVID-19 infections?

Read more: What We Know About The Vaccination Status Of People Testing Positive For COVID-19 In N.H.

The state doesn’t regularly report data on breakthrough cases, in which vaccinated people are infected with the coronavirus, so we aren’t able to provide daily updates on those numbers. Here’s the most up-to-date information we have on breakthrough infections:

  • New Hampshire identified its first breakthrough case on Jan. 20, 2021. Between then and Sept. 15, the state has recorded 1,809 infections among people who were vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services. That represents about 3% of the more than 54,000 cases reported during the same time period.
  • Out of the 567 people hospitalized for COVID-19 in New Hampshire between Jan. 20 and Sept. 15, 35 were confirmed to be vaccinated. That represents about 6.2% of hospitalizations during the same time period.
  • Out of the 413 people who've died from COVID-19 in New Hampshire between Jan. 20 and Sept. 15, 24 have been vaccinated. That represents about 5.8% of deaths during the same time period. All of the people who died despite receiving the COVID-19 vaccine were at least 60 years old, according to state health officials, and 19 of the 24 were associated with long-term care facilities.

We know this is an important data point for a lot of people, so we’ll continue to ask the state health department for this information on a regular basis.

How many people have been vaccinated?

How many new cases are emerging each day?

How many people have COVID-19 right now?

How many people are hospitalized?

How many people are dying from COVID-19?

How is New Hampshire's test positivity?

We've been unable to download updated test positivity data directly from the state recently, but you can find the latest numbers on New Hampshire's testing dashboard.

The rate of New Hampshire's COVID-19 test positivity as calculated by state health officials could differ from what's reported by other institutions tracking the pandemic, like Johns Hopkins University of Medicine. That's because, as noted by the COVID Tracking Project, "the underlying numbers used to calculate test positivity are counted differently in different places."

Why do these differences matter? "Because test positivity can change dramatically depending on which total test metric you use as the denominator," the COVID Tracking Project explains. "And different states, government agencies, and non-governmental institutions and projects prefer different testing metrics in their test positivity calculations."

How is COVID-19 affecting different racial and ethnic populations in New Hampshire?

State health officials are tracking disparities on New Hampshire's COVID-19 Equity Dashboard.

What do we know about COVID-19 cases in schools?

You can look up case counts for K-12 schools, colleges and universities across New Hampshire on the state's COVID-19 Schools Dashboard.

However, as NHPR Education Reporter Sarah Gibson explains, the state's dashboard isn't always up-to-date — and the case counts listed there could differ from what's being reported by district officials or others at the local level. Click here for more details on why the state's data on COVID-19 in schools doesn't tell the full story.

Read more: N.H. School COVID-19 Dashboard Still Missing Dozens Of Cases

Where can I find out about outbreaks in nursing homes, treatment centers and other congregate living settings?

As of Sept. 15, state officials were monitoring thirteen active outbreaks:

  • Alpine Health Center
  • Bellamy Field Assisted Living
  • Carriage Hill Assisted Living
  • Colonial Poplin Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • Federal Correctional Institution - Berlin
  • Hillsborough County Department of Corrections (Valley Street Jail)
  • Peabody Home
  • Pleasant View Nursing Home
  • Ridgewood Center
  • Rockingham County Nursing Home and Rehab
  • Villa Crest Nursing and Retirement Center
  • Windham Terrace Assisted Living
  • Woodlawn Nursing Home

You can find more details on current and past outbreaks here. You can also find more information on visitation policies and other special rules in place for New Hampshire's long-term care facilities in this section of the state's COVID-19 website.

How is New Hampshire doing compared to other states?

Our colleagues at NPR are tracking case numbers and other key data points across all 50 states. You can find their COVID-19 maps and charts here.

Where can I find the raw data?

Where can I find more resources on COVID-19?

New Hampshire's official COVID-19 website includes information about what to do if you or someone you know has been exposed to the virus, how many active cases have been reported in each community, the plans for distributing coronavirus vaccines and more.

For answers to other commonly asked questions about testing, travel restrictions and more, check out NHPR's COVID-19 FAQ post here. (If you aren't seeing an answer to your question, email us directly at coronavirus@nhpr.org and we'll do our best to follow up.)

You can also find the latest news about COVID-19 in New Hampshire on this page, or by signing up for NHPR's COVID-19 newsletter.

We'd also like to hear from you about how the pandemic has changed your life over the last year. Learn more about how you can share your stories to help our reporting here.

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