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In Hopkinton, N.H., Parade Brings Thoughts of War, Peace, and Summer

Towns and cities across the state are marking Memorial Day, with parades and other festivities.

In Hopkinton, Don West watched a line of classic cars with American flags slide through the center of town. He came to remember his uncle who was killed in World War II. But he also had his mind on the world today.

"It's really somewhat scary to think about all the tension around the world and how easy it would be to get sucked into another conflict," he said. "And I just hope that doesn't happen."

Norm Goupil said the events made him think about his dad, who served in Vietnam when he was a kid, and made it back home.

"I definitely appreciate that he's around now. But a part of me is also like, if he wasn't, you'd have to think how my life would've been different," said Goupil.

Richard Ellis lives on Main Street in Hopkinton, but he said this year was his first time at the parade.

He says last night, he and his friends had a somber discussion about war and human nature. But now, seeing the parade and the whole town come together outside, he felt uplifted by the communal marking of the seasons.

"Certainly, the sense of community," he reflected. "We're going to be getting into fair season later on this fall. But yeah, out of the cabin fever and into the summertime."

The Hopkinton Parade concluded at the town cemetery.  It was one of dozens held across the state.


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