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N.H. TSA Workers React To Temporary End of Shutdown

Sarah Gibson for NHPR


TSA worker David Boucher watched President Trump's announcement from his living room in Pembroke. 


"I'm glad that my coworkers and I will soon be getting our pay reactively," he said, "But unfortunately we got three weeks and we could start this all over again."


Boucher, a local union representative for American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), has worked at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for 15 years.


"Since 2002, I think this is my third shut down, so unfortunately I'm used to it," he said.



Boucher is among around 2,400 federal employees in New Hampshire, hundreds of whom were considered "essential employees" and required to show up to work without pay the last month.

Valyria Lewis, a national representative for AFGE who lives in Bedford, said she wanted more from President Trump's announcement.


"There was no consolation prize in opening the government in three weeks and there was no apology offered to those federal employees who were impacted by it," she said. "That's what I was looking for in that speech and I just didn't hear that."


Lewis urged politicians to act fast to come up with a "permanent fix."


Ohers in the state who rely on federal funding to run transportation, benefits, and other community services say they look forward to getting clarity on whether their funding will be restored next week.

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