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Former Claremont Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty To Allegedly Falsifying Documents



Former Claremont Police Officer Ian Kibbe appeared briefly in Sullivan County Superior Court in Newport Monday in connection with multiple charges relating to allegedly faking documents. 


State investigators say Kibbe lied in written reports to justify searching a property earlier this year. That charge has thrown into question much of his activity on the job, including a 2016 incident where he shot and killed 25-year-old Cody LaFont.


Kibbe said at the time that LaFont was threatening him with a gun, and the state attorney general’s office found his use of force justified. But the AG’s office is now re-reviewing that case. 


LaFont’s family was in court Monday to watch the proceedings. His grandfather, Doug Tessier, says he's never trusted the AG’s investigation of his grandson’s case. He says it seemed like police were trying to protect the officer, and raise questions about Cody's mental health. 


Kibbe pleaded not guilty to the charges. He has another court date later this month.

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