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Testimony Begins In Trial Of Wolfeboro Woman Accused Of Running Puppy Mill

Meredith Lee | The HSUS

Former employees of New Hampshire dog breeder Christina Fay say her home's floors were covered in dog urine and feces, and an officer says the property was such a mess it looked like it had been burglarized when 84 Great Danes were seized in June.

Fay has pleaded not guilty to 12 misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. She went on trial Monday, four months after the animals were removed from her Wolfeboro mansion.

Former employee Marilyn Kelly described feces up to her waist on the walls and said she saw a dog with puncture wounds that Fay had stapled shut. The lead investigator, Officer Michael Strauch, says that the filth was unbelievable and that Fay's bed was covered in urine.

Fay has said that she took great care of her dogs.

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