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N.H. DOT Will Expedite Bridge Work After Accident In Derry

Courtesy of the DOT
Workers repairing the bridge after a piece of concrete fell onto I-93 Southbound in Derry.

Officials at the Department of Transportation are fast-tracking inspections on 16 of the state’s “red listed” bridges. That's after a piece of concrete fell off one of the bridges over I-93 in Derry on Monday.

Inspectors will be looking at bridges in nine communities across the state, including Concord, Gilford and Lebanon.

Credit Courtesy of DOT
This is a list of the 16 red-listed bridges the state will immediately inspect over the next few months.

Bill Boynton of the DOT says over the next few months any loose concrete will be removed and protective shielding will be installed underneath each bridge.

“There were high level meetings to come up with a list of bridges that were built at a similar time period with similar features so we are going to put inspectors in the field to take a closer look at those bridges so an overabundance of caution to make sure those bridges stay safe,” Boynton said.

The maintenance is expected to be finished by the spring. In total, the state has 140 structurally deficient or red listed bridges.

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