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Mild Weather Means Allergy Season May Start Early This Year

KentonNgo via Flickr/CC -

  The mild March weather likely means an early start to allergy season.

Meteorologist Bill Deger of Accuweather says the above normal temperatures have led to higher concentrations of pollen starting in the mid-Atlantic states.

"It'll work north through upstate New York and western Vermont, where there are some lower elevations, quicker," Deger says. "As we head into the next few weeks, northern New England, the higher elevation states closer to the ocean, where it's cold, will notice pollen counts increasing dramatically."

Residents with seasonal allergies will notice symptoms earlier than usual.

But Deger says New England will probably not feel the effects of high pollen counts as strongly as other regions.

That's in part because cold snaps and occasional rain showers will dampen the impact of the pollen.

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