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Interactive Map: Are Fireworks Allowed In Your Town?

Šar?nas Burdulis via Flickr CC

Getting ready to fire off some bottle rockets this Independence Day? You may want to check our map below first.

The New Hampshire Department of Safety maintains a list of town by town rules regarding permissible fireworks -  those that haven't been banned by state law. According to state officials, fireworks rules vary widely across New Hampshire; and since not every community has responded to their survey, some towns' restrictions are unknown.

Map key:

  • Towns marked "Permitted:" The community has no ordinance prohibiting the possession and/or display of permissible fireworks. State law applies.
  • Towns marked "Restricted:" The community allows the use of consumer fireworks, but certain restrictions beyond state law apply. You should contact your local fire department or town hall for further information. "Restricted" towns on our map also include towns in which a local permit must be obtained to use fireworks.
  • Towns marked "Prohibited:" The possession and/or display of permissible fireworks is prohibited. 

Looking for a list of prohibited fireworks? That's posted right here, on the Department of Safety's website.

Still have questions about your town's rules? Contact your local fire department or town hall.

Map: Are Fireworks Allowed in Your Town? 


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