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Hypothermia A Concern When The Power's Out And Temperatures Drop

Tom Magliery via Flickr CC

With frigid temperatures arriving this weekend, Kimberly Ohman with Catholic Medical Center in Manchester says people should be hypervigilant for hypothermia.

"Shivering for one, that’s going to be your number one warning sign. Also just a little bit increased confusion, and the difficulty speaking is going to be another warning sign, difficulty walking, some people may have an altered gait that’s unusual for them," Ohman says.

The elderly, diabetics and people taking any sort of sedative are at increased risk of hypothermia. Ohman says her emergency department also tends to fill up with homeowners trying to clean up after the storm.

"People trying to clear the brush in their yard with power tools and things of that sort. The snowblower always winds up being a large, accident-prone environment too."

State emergency officials encourage state residents to check in on their neighbors as the cleanup continues.

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