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Wolfeboro Town Manager, Selectmen Ask For Police Commissioner's Resignation

Tim Golden
Flickr Creative Commons

The Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen and Town Manager have posted a statement on the town's website condemning comments by local Police Commissioner Robert Copeland, and asking him to resign.  
This comes after news reports earlier this week detailed racist comments by Copeland.  
The police commissioner admitted to using the N-word to describe President Barack Obama.  
In the statement, the board and Town Manager David Owen called Copeland's comments "reprehensible." Although they noted they have no legal authority to remove Copeland, they wrote that they hoped would, "finally do the right thing and resign from his elected position to save the Town any further embarrassment of his making."  
They also note in the statement that Copeland's comments do not reflect the opinion of the town's government, nor of the Wolfeboro Police Department.
So far, Copeland has remained unapologetic and refused to resign.  
The public outcry over his comments has reached beyond New Hampshire's borders.  The state Office of Travel and Tourism and the City of Concord report receiving complaints and threats to boycott vacationing to the state.

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