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Cilley Defends Her Voting Record


Democratic candidate for Governor Jackie Cilley is defending breaking with her party to oppose mandatory seatbelt laws and banning pay-day loans. Former State Senator Cilley defended her record on NHPR’s the Exchange with Laura Knoy. Her primary opponent Maggie Hassan has criticized her refusal to support a seatbelt law and outlaw payday loans.

Cilley says New Hampshire law enforcement also opposes a law that makes not wearing a seatbelt a ticket-able offense; And that pay-day loans are sometimes a necessary tool for people living paycheck to paycheck. Cilley says her record proves that she will seek solutions outside the box.

Cilley: I’m not a party line person, I’m a proud democrat but I tend to be very independent, always have been.

Cilley also stressed the need to find efficiencies in K-8 education, and again stressed her oft-repeated stance of refusing to take any sort of tax-pledge.