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New Segment: Ask Civics 101


Educators can continue to look to Civics 101 as a valuable educational aid for both remote teaching and in-classroom learning. Beginning August 31, NHPR is launching an “Ask Civics 101” segment each Monday during All Things Considered on NHPR (weekdays 4 – 6:30 p.m.).

Hosts Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy will answer listeners’ questions about civics during the four-minute, on-air conversations, which will run at 5:44 p.m.. The segments will run throughout the fall, with the last segment airing Monday, November 2, just prior to Election Day on November 3. Educators can also access the conversations online at nhpr.org.

To submit your question about any aspect of the U.S. Government or how our democracy works, send an email to: civics101@nhpr.org

Listen to Civics 101 wherever you subscribe to podcasts, or find every episode online at: civics101podcast.org. Follow Civics 101 on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook: @civics101pod.

Civics 101 is made possible in part with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.