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Discovering Expression Through Dance At MoCo Arts

Aldo Tapia

MoCo Arts wants to change people's lives through creative expression and exposure to the arts. One of its students, Peter Fedrizzi, started dancing when he was 13, after a friend suggested he might have a natural ability for it.

"We were lying around one afternoon and I was stretching my feet, and she looked at them and said, 'Peter, people will kill for your feet in dance. You should try ballet.'"

Now, Fedrizzi takes seven to eight classes at MoCo every week—a commitment of as many as a dozen hours, second only to school. What he enjoys so much about dance, he says, is that it is both a mental and physical challenge.

"You can give so much of yourself in dance. You can work athletically as well as intellectually and artistically. Just like there's no perfect painting or no perfect piece of music, you can't really achieve perfection, but you always try to work toward being better."

Now in the highest level of dance courses offered by MoCo, Fedrizzi helps the young boys who are just starting ballet. "When I started out, I didn't really have anyone to look to," he says, "so I hope I can fill that role for these boys."

Fedrizzi plans to continue dancing when he goes to college, but until then, he intends to stay with MoCo "until they kick me out. The people there are all my friends. It's like a second family. I've had all these amazing experiences that I might not otherwise have had if MoCo didn't exist."

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