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Granite United Way's 2-1-1 Connects People and Services

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The Granite United Way's 2-1-1 New Hampshire service is a directory assistance of services available in the state. It puts those in need in touch with the services that can help.

Cassie called 2-1-1 for help with disability rights when she ran into trouble with her housing arrangement. Her landlord had issued an eviction notice after she acquired a dog, because her lease forbids pets from the building. But Cassie's dog isn't a pet; she's a psychiatric service dog that provided therapeutic assistance.

"I really need her to be with me day and night so that I can get the help and the benefit from her," explains Cassie.

"My landlord didn't understand. A lot of people see all service dogs as seeing eye dogs, with all the equipment a seeing eye dog has. To see one like mine, with just a simple vest, is hard to understand."  

"2-1-1 helped me connect with the Disability Rights Center, and secure a lawyer who helped me through the process of fighting an eviction notice that was unjustified."  Cassie and her service dog were allowed to stay in her home.

2-1-1 is not limited to providing referrals for legal aid. It's an information service that connects people with any public service in New  Hampshire, such as welfare, vocational rehab, mental health centers, utilities departments, and volunteer services--to name a few.

"Anything you really need, they connect you with that," says Cassie.

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