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Windfall: Can Offshore Wind Co-Exist With Calamari?

Sara Plourde

The United States is poised for the birth of a brand new industry, one that will invest tens of billions of dollars in our economy, reshape our coastal communities, and one that could be one of the sharpest knives in our fight against climate change: offshore wind.

Windfall is a special series from Outside/In. This is the second of a three-part series airing on NHPR. Part 1 is already available. Part 3 airs next Saturday, July 17th, at 11 am.

A note about our reporting process

Part 2: Please Let Me Finish, Mr. Kennedy

Listen at windfallpodcast.org.

Credit Creative Commons
A satellite view of Nantucket Sound, where Cape Wind was proposed to be built.

Despite nearly two decades of effort, Cape Wind was never built, and its failure had huge consequences for the offshore wind industry.

In the second half of this story, we learn how the Cape Wind saga laid the groundwork for the next wave of offshore wind and the explosive growth to come.

Featuring: Cheryl Andrews-Maltais, Jim Gordon, Sean Corcoran, Beth Daley, and Audra Parker.

Part 3: Squid Pro Quo

Listen at windfallpodcast.org.

The promise of the nascent American offshore wind industry meets an unlikely foe: squid fishermen in Rhode Island. Forces collide — like the enduring symbol of the American blue-collar worker, the big money of global energy interests, and the volatility of American politics. We ask: what is the nature of power? 

Can offshore wind co-exist with... calamari?

Featuring: Joe McNamara, Norbert Stamps, Josiah Dodge, Kevin Sullivan, Jason Jarvis, Meghan Lapp, Lars Pederson, Nicola Groom, Ben Storrow, Kevin Stokesbury, David Monti, David Bernhardt, and Gina Raimondo.

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Joe McNamara (and a plate of Rhode Island calamari) appear on the 2020 DNC Roll Call Vote


Cohosted by Sam Evans-Brown and Annie Ropeik
Written by Sam Evans-Brown, Annie Ropeik, and Jack Rodolico
Mixed by Taylor Quimby and Justine Paradis
Fact-checked by Sara Sneath
Edited by Erika Janik, Annie Ropeik, Justine Paradis, Taylor Quimby, Felix Poon and Hannah McCarthy
Adapted for broadcast by Justine Paradis and Taylor Quimby
Executive Producer: Erika Janik
Graphics: Sara Plourde
Music: Blue Dot Sessions, Ben Cosgrove, and Breakmaster Cylinder

A scallop boat motors out of New Bedford carrying scientists to gather data about fish habitat prior to the installation of Vineyard Wind.

Special thanks to Miriam Wasser of WBUR and Craig Lemoult for audio of Lars Pederson and David Bernhardt, to Beth Daley, now editor-in-chief of The Conversation; to Sean Corcoran, who shared tons of audio with us from his years of reporting on Cape Wind. Thanks also to Christa Bank, Jean Flemma, Andrew Gill, David Bidwell, Henrik Lund, John Mitchell, Callie Tansill-Suddath, the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies, Bettina Washington, Richard Andre, Vincent Schellings, Walter Musial, Michael Taylor and Dan Shreve.

Music: Ben Cosgrove, Blue Dot Sessions, and Breakmaster Cylinder

Windfall Graphic Design: Sara Plourde


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