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UNH Waives Application Fee for New Hampshire Residents


The University of New Hampshire is waiving its fifty dollar application fee for all in-state undergraduate applicants this year.

Last year, UNH had a record number of total applicants – over 20,000. But less than 25 percent of those were New Hampshire residents. The number of in-state applicants is down from five years ago.

Victoria Dutcher, head of enrollment management at UNH, hopes waiving the fees for in-state applicants will help change that.

“We want to make sure that as we continue to grow in popularity across the country, we’re not shutting out opportunities for New Hampshire residents.”

Dutcher hopes the move will result in a five percent increase in the number of in-state applicants.

The fact that UNH has the highest in-state tuition of any public university in the country is often cited as an obstacle to attracting more in-state students.

Depending on the number of applications, the waived fees could cost UNH more than a quarter million dollars.

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