A Tale Of Teeth In Two N.H. Cities: Claremont No Longer Ranks Last In Kids' Oral Health

May 19, 2015

As with other health markers, N.H. consistently ranks high in measures of youth dental health and, overall, the state of children's teeth in New Hampshire is strong.

But in some of the state's least affluent areas, health outcomes are generally poor, and dental health is no exception. 

Long holding the bottom spot, Claremont - and Sullivan County more broadly - has seen a drastic turnaround in the past decade, largely thanks to one dedicated dental hygienist spearheading a movement. Taking over that dubious honor from them is Nashua, where there are deep disparities in children's dental health along income lines.

Read through the graphic below to learn more.

Credit Sara Plourde, NHPR | Data compiled by Jack Rodolico