Rochester Farmers Market Thanks Veterans With Vouchers

Jul 4, 2017

The Rochester Farmers Market on July 4th.
Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

The Rochester Farmers Market is offering any veteran who lives in Strafford County a $20 voucher to thank them for their service.

The Vouchers for Veterans program lets veterans spend $20 at any of the Rochester Farmers Market vendors.

Neil Lachance served on submarines during the Vietnam War. On the first day of the program, he used his voucher to buy some local honey.

“It’s fresh, they make it out of all wildflowers. It looked pretty good, so we got some of that. And we got a couple of whoopee pies, too. Those are pretty good – a little treat, yes.”

A local restaurant, Benedict's, raised over $30,000 last year to fund the program.

Gene Grover with the Rochester Farmers Market says they are expecting to spend all of it on veterans.

“We average about $1000 an hour in giveaways. So people are using it and grateful for it. And it’s not based on a need. It’s based on the community wanting to say thank you.”

While the program kicked off on the Fourth of July, it will also be in effect every Tuesday in September at the Rochester Farmers Market.