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1.24.17: The Future of Title IX, Iranian Weddings, & Overheard

Somayeh Pakar

The Trump administration has vowed to roll back Obama's laws, but what does that mean for Title IX? On today’s show, we'll consider the future for the amendment now linking college and university funding to how they respond to sexual harassment and assault on campus.

Then, it can take months, even years, to plan a wedding...now imagine you have to do everything twice. Later in the show, a look inside gender segregated weddings in Iran, and how the single sex parties are boosting opportunities for creative women in the workforce.

Plus our semi-regular segment Overheard introduces you to sounds we think you need to hear.

Listen to the full show. 

The Future of Title IX

The new president is already at work on his promise to dismantle the Obama legacy -- signing an executive order to repeal key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and reversing planned cuts to interest premiums on FHA mortgages. With a new administration and a Republican majority in Congress, a lot of legislation is vulnerable to change. That includes Title IX. The amendment generally associated with school athletic programs for girls and women has recently been at the forefront of conversations about how colleges and universities respond to sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus. Here to talk about what the future may hold for Title IX is Robin Wilson, senior writer at the Chronicle of Higher Education where she focuses on campus culture, including sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The Future of Title IX

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Robin has an upcoming article with more on this subject which will be published on Monday, January 30th at chronicle.com

When the Equal Rights Amendment Came to Utah

Now we move on to a story about the failed attempt to ensure gender equality in the US Constitution. In 1923, suffragists proposed an amendment that would protect women’s rights across the board. Nearly 50 years later the equal rights amendment was being ratified state-by-state until it got to Utah and was blocked by the Mormon Church. Jennifer Pemberton produced this story for Women’s Equality Day 2016.

You can listen this story again at PRX.org.

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A Insider's View to an Iranian Wedding

Months, even years, of detailed planning can go into a wedding. The flowers, the cake, the photography, music, food... the dress! Now imagine you have to do everything twice. That's often the reality in Iran, where weddings are gender segregated, meaning aside from the actual ceremony, wedding celebrations are single sex. One party for men and another just for women happen simultaneously. While dual parties might seem like a hassle to outsiders, the demand for a cadre of professional women boosts their value in the workforce.

Tacita Vero' is a freelance journalist who wrote about attending a gender segregated wedding in Iran for Roads and Kingdoms.

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A Insider's View to an Iranian Wedding

Overheard: January Edition

And it's time for Overheard - our regular segment where we share the intriguing, moving, baffling, and frequently hilarious audio we come across. This week's picks come from NHPR’s fund drive producer Emily Quirk and producers Molly Donahue.

Overheard: January Edition

Molly's Pick: Episode 2 of Undone 

Virginia's Pick: Homecoming

Emily's Pick: Miss Sharon Jones


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