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8.11.16: Native American Property Rights, Women of the Whites, & 10-Minute Writer's Workshop

Tom Wigley via Flickr CC

Poverty, suicide, and alcohol and drug abuse are disproportionately high among the two million Native Americans in the US - and at crisis levels on reservations. Today on the show, we'll look into one economic impediment: property rights.

And, women of the whites. A museum exhibit highlights how, from urban society, women took the lead in  developing access, accommodations and preservation of the paths and peaks of New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Listen to the full show. 

Native American Land Rights

The two million Native Americans living in the United States endure the highest poverty rate of any racial group in the country.  Add to that high suicide rates, pervasive problems with alcohol and drugs, rape and child abuse.  All more severe among the half of the population who live on reservations - and you have a painfully obvious crisis among North America's natives. What's less obvious are solutions - some point to broken treaties that ought to be honored, others towards racial stereotypes in American culture that ought to be banned - but Naomi Schaeffer Riley says what Native Americans need are property rights.

Naomi Schaeffer Riley is author of the New Trail Of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians. She wrote about property rights on reservations forThe Atlantic.

A Town Transformed

When Caroline Nesbitt decided to start a theater company in Sandwich in 1999, she faced some resistance.  People in town knew her as the woman who raised ponies and gave riding lessons.  What they didn’t know was that Nesbitt was also a professional actress. Now, 17 years later, Nesbitt’s Advice to the PlayersTheater Company is an integral part of town life – with local actors and teens joining with professionals in Shakespeare productions throughout the year.  Sean Hurley brought us the story.

You can listen to this story again here: A Town Transformed: Locals Join Pros in Shakespeare Production

Women of the Whites

New Hampshire's White Mountain range is rugged country. A vast wilderness where hunters, trappers and drovers's country. An ongoing exhibit at the Museum of the White Mountains reveals that the region was also a proving ground for women. Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains uncovers the lives of female pioneers who helped make the region more welcoming  to visitors, and helped shape its development and  preservation.

10-Minute Writer's Workshop: Chuck Klosterman

Chuck Klosterman writes essays and novels. He’s a genuinely original voice who's been a columnist, sportswriter, the ethicist for the New York Times magazine and several best-sellers including Sex, Drugs and, Cocoa Puffs, and his newest book But What If We're Wrong?: Thinking About The Present As If It Were The Past.  

You can listen to this full episode again here: 10-Minute Writer's Workshop: Chuck Klosterman

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