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6.01.16: Pinelands, Wedding Cancellations, & The Bookshelf

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Canadian officials are allowing some residents back to the scorched remains of Fort McMurray in Alberta. The colossal fire that began there in early May is still burning, and destroyed more than 2000 homes. Today, predictions that the next major fire disaster could be much closer to home.

Plus, canceling a wedding isn’t just emotionally traumatic - it can be a financial disaster. Now, websites are popping up to help unhappy couples sell their canceled weddings to thrifty couples looking to get hitched on the cheap.

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Fire Risk in Pinelands

Earlier this spring, brush fires sent plumes of smoke over the garden state parkway in New Jersey. That's a forest New Jersey. We hear of wildfires spreading across the West, like the massive blaze in Fort McMurray, Canada, but a combination of factors, including climate change may be threatening other parts of the country

Kyle Dickman is contributing editor at Outside magazine. He wrote for Rolling Stone about the possibility of America's worst wildfire disaster happening on the heavily populated East Coast. 

Fire Risk in Pinelands

Owning the Clouds

Earlier, we talked about the threat of wildfire in the Pinelands of New Jersey which could spread to forests throughout the Northeast.  It's a scary prospect, because no matter what we do to prevent wildfire disasters, weather largely determines where and when the next big fire will strike - and end.  That's one reason, as producer Steven Jackson reports, people have been trying to control the weather for a very long time.

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The Economics of Wedding Cancellations

It's spring, warming up to summer - the high holidays for wedding planners. Right now, the engaged are all in finalizing menus, seating arrangements and centerpieces. But what happens to when someone decides not to go through with it? All those invitations out, those deposits paid, all those guests booked?

Contemporary couples are seeking less dramatic ways to tell guests and even recoup some money by selling your canceled wedding package to another couple. Brooklyn-based novelist, columnist & screenwriter Amy Sohnwrote for the New York Times Style section about how some couples are dealing with calling it quits before getting hitched.

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The Economics of Wedding Cancellations

The Bookshelf: Short Story Writer Matthew Cheney

It's time again for The Bookshelf - the podcast where Peter Biello, NHPR's All Things Considered host, sits down with authors from the around the region. In this episode, Peter is speaking with Matthew Cheney. His debut collection of stories is called Blood.

Read more and listen to this episode again: The Bookshelf: Short Story Writer Matthew Cheney

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