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3.17.16: Bess Lovejoy, An Irish Playlist, & 10-Minute Writer's Workshop with Tom Gjelten

angeladellatorre via Flickr CC

Studying medicine requires intelligence, discipline and considerable expense, making it one of the most prestigious professions in America. But that wasn’t always the case.  We take a look into the shady practices that lead the people of New York City to riot against doctors in the eighteenth-century. 

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The First American Medical Riot

Writer Bess Lovejoy, author of Rest in Pieces: The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses, wrote about one of the first major riots in the post-revolution United States, caused by popular anger against doctors. Her story of the so-called “Doctors’ Riot,” which began in New York City on April 16, 1788, is featured on Smithsonian.com.

The First American Medical Riot

10-Minute Writer's Workshop: Tom Gjelten

In this episode we talk with Tom Gjelten, long time NPR reporter and five-time author. His most recent book is A Nation of Nations. We were so fortunate that Gjelten was visiting New Hampshire and took the time to join us in studio to talk about his creative process.

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10 Minute Writer's Workshop: Tom Gjelten

A St. Patrick's Day Playlist

Of course St. Patrick’s Day would not be complete without Irish music. Last year we compiled an essential St. Patrick’s Day playlist based on listener suggestions...filled with reels, drinking songs and the old heart tugging sappy numbers, we’re listening back to some of the best. 

A St. Patrick's Day Playlist

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